Life’s Library is a subscription. You will be charged every 6 weeks for 1 year, starting on December 4, 2018. Each Life’s Library book will have a 6-week session. A few weeks before each period ends, the perks and book for the next session will be sent. You may cancel anytime; if you do you will not be able to resubscribe until next year.

Both physical and digital subscriptions are fulfilled through DFTBA. If you are already a Life’s Library Physical or Digital Subscriber, you can modify or cancel your subscription using the link in your order confirmation email, or by contacting DFTBA customer support.

You do not have to have a Life’s Library subscription in order to join the discussion server.

Digital Subscriptions

Each session’s digital subscription will include:

  • A letter from that session’s curator detailing why they picked that book.
  • A reading guide with discussion questions.
  • A podcast discussion about the book between John and Rosianna.
  • Additional downloads which may include printable bookmark designs, author Q&As and more!
  • Note: the digital subscription does NOT include a copy of the book.

Physical Subscriptions

Each session’s physical subscription shipment will include:

  • All digital subscription items (emailed to you).
  • A copy of that session’s book.
  • An introductory letter from John or Rosianna.
  • Bookplates for your home library.
  • A members-only item unique to that session’s book.


This calendar includes milestones like shipping dates, book announcements, podcast releases, and more helpful dates! (note that for time-based events, the calendar below lists them in GMT; you can convert them from GMT to your timezone, or view it on the Google Calendar website to have it convert to your time zone)

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