Our discord server is now archived and locked, and all invitation links have been disabled, so if you were a previous member and have left the server, you will not be able to rejoin. You can still view shelf artwork for all the original Life’s Library shelves.

The Aloe shelf: From left to right, a range of books, a small plant, a big rock, a lying book with some succulents on top of it, on a wooden shelf.
The Chamomile shelf: From left to right, a vase with daisies hanging out of it, a range of books, a filled teacup, a tea can, on a wooden shelf with a wooden plank in the background, with instant photographs and fairy lights on it.
The Cygnus shelf: A poster of stars in the background with the constellation cygnus, planets hanging on the left of the shelf, followed by a leaning book, books lying down, a small plant, a feather, and an old-fashioned clock, on a lying L-shaped wooden shelf.
Forest shelf: Left to right, a vintage world map, a compass, a terrarium bowl flanked by books on each side, on a wooden shelf.
Gold shelf: a green wall with a laurel print. The shelf holds trophies, medals, books, small soccer and footballs, and a pair of sneakers
The Hibiscus shelf: A poster with a drawing of a river and a forest in the background, from left to right, a red flower, upright books in earth-color shades, a small elephant with a plant on its back, a box, a magnifying glass, encased by a wooden triangle with vines growing around it.
The Ivy shelf: From left to right, a wand, a range of purple books, a black cat with yellow eyes and a yellow sickle moon on its front, with a lightened candle in front, and an open book behind it, a yellow model sickle moon, on a wooden shelf with vines growing on it.
The Marble shelf: Two marble horses on each side, upright books to the left, typewriter to the right, calla lilly and reading glasses in the middle, on a marble shelf.
The Onyx Shelf: a black shelf with black, white, and grey books, large chess pieces, a chess board, and a small succulent
The Pearl shelf: A two-level wooden shelf, from left to right, first layer, a range of books, a coral, sea shells, a ship in a bottle, an anchor, sencond layer, a postcard, a clam with a pearl in it, a sea shell with a sea star on it, a pile of books with a coral on top.
The Quartz shelf: From left to right, a piece of cloth with a pile of books, a model Eiffel tower and a vintage photo camera on it, a rose quartz crystal on a plank, left-leaning books, a vase, lavender, on a wooden shelf with an angled divider in the middle.
The Rose shelf: Stained glass in the background, with rays coming down from it to the shelf, from left to right, a big pile of books, a candelabrum with lighted candels, a rose in a vase, a teacup, a smaller pile of books, on a wooden shelf.
The Scale shelf: A two-leveled shelf to leave space for a noteboard featuring the chemical symbol for the element Tennessine, from left to right, a miniature TARDIS, a range of books, a scale, a Newton's cradle, a Rubik's cube.
The Tulip shelf: From left to right, upside-down books, a ball of knitting yarn, a pile of books with an own and a pot of yellow and red flowers on it, an upside-down shoe with a book lying on top of it, a banana, a range of books with a book lying on top of it, a cup of coffee, on a wooden shelf.
Willow shelf: a wooden shelf with an embedded piano keyboard. Contains books, a small guitar, headphones, a metronome, and weeping willow branches