Welcome to Life’s Library! This page will help you join the Discord server for the book club. To allow for intimate discussion where everyone can participate, members will be split into discussion groups within the server. The shelf images below are how you will select your discussion group for Life’s Library.

The discord is run by our lovely team of managers and moderators – meet them!

There are a bunch of shelves to choose from – check them all out! Choose the shelf that appeals to you most at first glance. If you want to make sure you’re in the same Discord group as your friends, either have them tell you which shelf they chose (if they already joined) or make sure you all choose the same shelf!

The Pearl shelf: A two-level wooden shelf, from left to right, first layer, a range of books, a coral, sea shells, a ship in a bottle, an anchor, sencond layer, a postcard, a clam with a pearl in it, a sea shell with a sea star on it, a pile of books with a coral on top.The Scale shelf: A two-leveled shelf to leave space for a noteboard featuring the chemical symbol for the element Tennessine, from left to right, a miniature TARDIS, a range of books, a scale, a Newton's cradle, a Rubik's cube.The Quartz shelf: From left to right, a piece of cloth with a pile of books, a model Eiffel tower and a vintage photo camera on it, a rose quartz crystal on a plank, left-leaning books, a vase, lavender, on a wooden shelf with an angled divider in the middle.The Marble shelf: Two marble horses on each side, upright books to the left, typewriter to the right, calla lilly and reading glasses in the middle, on a marble shelf.The Rose shelf: Stained glass in the background, with rays coming down from it to the shelf, from left to right, a big pile of books, a candelabrum with lighted candels, a rose in a vase, a teacup, a smaller pile of books, on a wooden shelf.Forest shelf: Left to right, a vintage world map, a compass, a terrarium bowl flanked by books on each side, on a wooden shelf.The Aloe shelf: From left to right, a range of books, a small plant, a big rock, a lying book with some succulents on top of it, on a wooden shelf.The Tulip shelf: From left to right, upside-down books, a ball of knitting yarn, a pile of books with an own and a pot of yellow and red flowers on it, an upside-down shoe with a book lying on top of it, a banana, a range of books with a book lying on top of it, a cup of coffee, on a wooden shelf.The Chamomile shelf: From left to right, a vase with daisies hanging out of it, a range of books, a filled teacup, a tea can, on a wooden shelf with a wooden plank in the background, with instant photographs and fairy lights on it.The Cygnus shelf: A poster of stars in the background with the constellation cygnus, planets hanging on the left of the shelf, followed by a leaning book, books lying down, a small plant, a feather, and an old-fashioned clock, on a lying L-shaped wooden shelf.The Hibiscus shelf: A poster with a drawing of a river and a forest in the background, from left to right, a red flower, upright books in earth-color shades, a small elephant with a plant on its back, a box, a magnifying glass, encased by a wooden triangle with vines growing around it.The Ivy shelf: From left to right, a wand, a range of purple books, a black cat with yellow eyes and a yellow sickle moon on its front, with a lightened candle in front, and an open book behind it, a yellow model sickle moon, on a wooden shelf with vines growing on it.

New to Discord?

John and the Life's Library staff made a handy video to help you find your way around!