Life's Library Book ClubThe Life’s Library Book Club was created by John Green and Rosianna Halse Rojas to celebrate two of their favourite things: good books and good communities. With a list carefully selected by John and Rosianna, the book club will introduce you to great books you may not have heard of. We’ll read them closely and thoughtfully and discuss each book over the course of the six weeks on the Life’s Library Discord. Pull up your comfiest reading chair and join us.

Everyone who wants to read along and discuss the book is welcome! Paid members have the option of a variety of physical and digital perks, but the discord and discussion is open to everyone. You can check DFTBA to see if subscriptions are currently open. All profits from Life’s Library are donated in support of efforts to reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone.

The discord is run by our lovely team of managers and moderators – meet them!

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